Blank Boy Canvas is a collaboration that unifies modern art culture and North American talent with Hong Kong’s creative godfather; Danny Yung and his character ‘Tian Tian’. Yung derived his name from the Chinese proverb Tian Tian Xiang Shang translating to Everyday Looking Up. The 50 cm three-dimensional canvas has been given to selected artists to freely express, create or alter the subject while exploring the theme of infinite possibilities while capturing the inquisitive and innocent nature of youth. The collaboration has been brought to North America in an exhibit designed to stimulate conversation about creative reasoning and the individual approach to creative execution and will be exhibited throughout North American and Asian cities in 2016 through 2017.



The TTXS Creative Collaboration Programme will focus specifically on bringing about social changes; and unifying arts, design and culture through tri-sector partnerships that will provide rigorous content – for instance, proposing relevant skills, models, and tools to develop sustainable solutions. Tri-sector collaboration provides rigorous interdisciplinary dialogues that delve deeply into strategic thinking on partnerships that connect government, business, and creative practitioners. Professionals and stakeholders from all sectors are increasingly aware of the importance of multi-sector partnerships. Singapore and Seoul government officials, for example, are more often saying they need to work with other sectors. It is vital to ensure that leaders in the public and private sectors are able to engage closely with one another. This programme aptly provides the basis for this to occur even more effectively in future.

In each edition of the TTXS roving exhibition, we invited local artists, designers and city mayors or cultural ministers of our close network to participate. Our objective is to brand Hong Kong’s creative industry through the cross-cultural dialogue and the international network initiated and built by TTXS, Zuni and HKICC.

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