Wysper is a graffiti artist who has been painting since 1994. In 1998 he joined DOH and more recently BA.  As a youth, he was intrigued by why and how graffiti got onto the walls of Toronto, with work by legendary REN being his biggest influence. Drawn by the underground and mysterious nature of graffiti, Wysper is known for his wildstyle lettering.  His bold colourful style is oftentimes incorporated with characters taken as social commentary pieces. He also works in black and white sketches.


@1% represents how youth today have grown alongside technological advancements that have seen devices like the smart phone evolve into part of their identity. I was inspired by kids coming to visit my studio and the first thing they will ask me is if they can plug in their devices because they are at 1%. Coming from a graffiti background, my peers identity was shrouded in mystery of elusive urban legends. It is a contrast to today where youth comment, document and express their lives through a shared unfiltered network. What happens if they find themselves cut off from their device, what does it mean for their identity? Through my work on Blank Boy Canvas, I explore the relationship youth have with their devices and how it shapes them. Will the opportunities and success of our youth be based on how apt or inapt they are with technology?