Curtis “Talwst” Santiago is a Trinidadian-Canadian artist, engaged in mixedmedia and performance practices. “Through my work, I explore the narrative of art history, whilst inserting elements of different cultures in order to engage a larger audience and in hopes of broadening the art historical canon as a whole. For the last two years I have been devoted to my project, Infinity, a series of miniature dioramas housed in reclaimed ring boxes. The work’s small scale allows me the opportunity for a very particular kind of meditation. The overarching theme is related to time and space; to my sense of the vastness and the fragility of the world which I inhabit; and my fleeting memories of this world. Both are modeled after personal experiences. Ultimately, I wish to capture the moments that are, essentially, ineffable, and all the more moving because of their fugitive nature. A moment or a memory – sentimental and comical – is captured, very tenderly. The broadness of my ideas about the world, temporality, memory, is intimated in the stark obverse, by the extreme miniature boxes and dioramas. Conversely, the instability of memory, of the Earth itself, in peril, is, I believe, reflected in my medium and method. To contain such moments, with joy and with longing, is my singular objective.”



Negus With World On His Finger

I am currently engaged with my Infinity series of miniature dioramas in reclaimed ring boxes. An exploration across cultures and time periods, through these works I aim to draw attention to absent or misinterpreted narratives, suggest the non-linear complexities of history, and explore relationships between cultures. I have engaged with various topics through sub-series in my works, including inserting marginalized narratives into art history and popular culture and drawing parallels between moments of unrest in global history. Of particular interest to me is the location and exploration of the black experience in Canada which is multifarious and ripe for investigation.