Professionally trained in both traditional and digital art, and inspired by his 15 years of experience as a graffiti writer, Peru found his true calling as a muralist and graphic artist. He has travelled and exhibited his work throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Although his primary focus has always been painting, Peru is perpetually interested in improving his craft and continues to explore his imagination through different mediums. Since moving to Toronto 3 years ago, he has been developing his woodworking and installation skills as a Display Artist, and has also started tattooing in his spare time.

Inspired by my travels, my recent work explores the theme of home, what it means to me personally, and our grander existential need as humans to find a place to belong. Having grown up travelling throughout Peru’s exotic extremes, I was permitted to let my imagination run wild. Since then, I’ve tried to see as much of the world as I can and have allowed my travels and conversations with people from around the world to enrich my study of identity and belonging. My study has included an examination into the ways in which geography, culture, environment and tradition inform identity, an understanding I hope to further enrich throughout my life.



Golden Boy

Next to water, gold is one of the world’s most precious elements. It is a material that has consistently mesmerized and intrigued generations of people from every corner of the world for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations often casted images of their Gods in gold for worship. By painting the Tian Tian Xiang gold I have transformed a modern day, plastic toy, in the image of a child, into a godlike idol to be revered. Children are this world’s greatest resource. Their fresh perspective, honesty and optimism should be more precious to us than any other element in this world. They are beacons of hope and a great source of wisdom. Priding myself in having a youthful spirit and being playful at heart I hope this work will not only awaken the viewer’s childlike curiosity and wonderment, but will also encourage the viewer to consider the critical role that young people play in our world and our society.