Paola was born in Mexico City and remembers from the time she was a kid, she always had a pencil and paper to help her visualize her own world through drawing.

Her work is mainly influenced by the human anatomy, mostly the female figure, exploring the different stages and emotions a human being can live and feel.

She started painting murals after experimenting with canvases and illustration for several years, she discovered that this side of painting was really exciting, giving her the chance to share her thoughts and process with the people, and working with different media and scales.

This new stage also gave her the chance to love her other passion, traveling and getting to see the world doing what she loves, painting. She had visited several places and left her work there, the last couple of years she worked on different projects in places such as Germany, London, Spain, Poland, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Puerto Rico, Cuba, China and Mexico.

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The creation of this little guy was inspired by my childhood. It is always great to have a new blank canvas in your hands, lending many opportunities to create anything you want. But for this particular situation, I decided to do something different than the work which characterize my style. I thought about my childhood and immediately remembered the toys my mom used to have when she was a kid. She had them at my house and I played a lot with them. I remember this one that “could speak” in particular, and decided to create one of my own, so it is a great memory which has also a nostalgic side with all this memories.