Our Duo

Painting is our J.O.B. Our Joy of Being. And our joyous beings strive to create joy in believing that all we create, is for the Joy that we be in. We paint together, we live together, and we love one another. Our creations together are an expression of our love. Like the practice of yoga (union), we reach inwards so we may share outwards; we practice our art together and apart in various forms, through movement, music, writing, traveling, and doodling. Often, we pass a pen and paper back and forth to extend upon each others lines, letting go of expectations and seeing were the pen guides us. We strive to inspire others to create, think and feel freely. We believe that, when creating art, it is not about what you make, but the experience of expression that is most important. We enjoy salvaging three-dimensional objects, often left behind by others, and giving them a new life – filled with color and splendor. A “thing” to someone else may be seen as broken and useless; but to us all “things” are an opportunity to create something beautiful.

We are encouraged each day by the joy, which we infuse into our art, for others to experience. We look towards using our abilities to bring greater light and opportunity for people on all levels of society, all around the world, and to discover themselves as creative and happy beings. 






We love collaborating. It is a blessing to be a part of this project with Danny Yung. The message behind this piece is special to us. Day by day, we find ourselves looking up, to our friends and family, within ourselves and to the stars. We believe in each being’s perfection, yet potential for growth, as well as our humanity’s ability to transcend suffering and self-destruction.

The name Dei-Dei comes from the name of the statue by Danny Yung. In English, the name, Tian Tian, translates to ‘Day Day’. To us, the boy represents divinity in all and a future generation of positivity and enlightenment. Thus, we named him Dei-Dei. 

 As humans, we have the ability to wear different ‘skins’, in order to face different situations. Dei-Dei wears the head of a Water Dragon, to represent fluidity and courage. The Koi fish swim around his torso towards each other, to meet in an eternal dance around his center. Known for their beauty and strength, they represent prosperity and longevity. There are chakras along Dei-Dei for balance, fullness and openness. Each energetic center maintains harmony with all other energies throughout the universe. Paradeyes (Paradise – Eyes) is depicted on the back of Dei-Dei’s thighs. We create the reality that surrounds us, as well as the world we live in, and much of that is determined by the way we choose to see the world. May we maintain a world of abundance – with clean air and fresh water. Dei-Dei’s arm, pointing up, contains the mysteries of our entire solar system. Always looking up, with curiosity and high aspirations, Dei-Dei will continue to shoot for the stars. A staircase leads from his heart to his throat. There, an open entrance to a sacred temple reminds us that communication is divine.
We are grateful to share ourselves and experiences through our art, and transfuse love and light in all that we do, and through Deidei. 

May there be Well Being in All
May there be Peace in All
May there be Fulfilment in All
May there be Auspiciousness in All