Justin Pape

Justin is an artist born and raised in Toronto, Canada. His work reflects his personal struggle with modern worlds disregard for the environment and creatures of the earth. He has been featured in the art books “A Face A Name” and “Toys: Limited Edition” and has also been nominated for a Designer Toy award. His art has been in gallery shows across North America, with solo exhibitions in Toronto, Los Angeles and San Francisco.


An Offering

Acrylic, Gold Leaf Paint, Purpleheart Wood, Found items

In 2014 I spent 6 months living in China and visiting Hong Kong once a month. While there I fell in love with the small alters seen outside storefronts and homes burning joss incense and providing offering for those who have passed on to another world. This Blank Boy features a shrine with items I found while in China and is painted with a red crowned crane, a symbol of immortality.