John Shook

Shook, a Pittsburgh Pennsylvania based artist, focuses on being diversified in his work, in subject and media. As an Artist, he feels that the knowledge obtained from entirely different media of practice can be applied to many different facets of art. For 2-D Illustration pieces he randomly uses Graphite, Acrylics, Water Color, Charcoal, Airbrushing, Pen & Ink, Colored Pencil, Block printing, Screen printing, or Digital. For 3-D Sculpture Pieces, He has used Water and Oil Based Clay, Epoxies, Casting Latex, Portland Cement, Hydro-cal, Ultra-cal 30, Fiberglass, Resins, Plaster, Stone, Wood, Cushion & Insulation Foam. Shook regularly does live art at CoSM, (Chapel of Sacred Mirrors) in Wappinger Falls NY, ranging from painting with acrylics, airbrushing, body painting & sculpting. He and his cousin, Richard Hower, have a permanent installation piece on their Wisdom Trail called Di-Vine Man, which is an 11 ft tall sculpture made from wood and various sized vines, & Star Gazer, a 300 lb stone with a carved smiling face looking upward towards the sky . This installation is viewed by people from all over the world. Along with Diverse Medium, Shook and his wife Alysa own and operate The Graphic Cellar Artistic Services having experience in Graphic Design, Muraling Services, & Industrial Design. They have been commissioned to do interesting projects such as Making Custom Masks and Costumes, Creating Logos and Branding for local business, to several high end custom airbrushing projects for celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Carrie Underwood, and Bon Jovi.



Big Boy

Besides representing some of his friends, back in the “burgh”, by the patches on his pants, BIGBOY represents our metaphoric “layers of existence” that were forgotten. One could view these layers as a blueprint of past lives or even as to look into ourselves through the many depths and reflect upon how we all start as innocent beings with a clean slate and how the child, when growing up, remains within. As time passes by, there are moments when we walk along our paths unknowing who we could be due to the transmissions that rule the masses that are focused on a singular direction for consumption. Losing touch with just being, creating, and loving, we become distant from our inner child until he or she is just a memory. The drones produced will follow and repeat as centuries go by, consuming, until the child is no longer allowed to be a child anymore. Some watch and observe in a manner of Henry David Thoreau just trying to make sense of the issues at hand.  We’re living in a day and age where anything is possible, unlike any other in mankind’s known history while our finite resources act as the Krutch that’s holding up the weight of an infrastructure that’s to be handed down to our children, while the garbage dumps fill with “obsolete” technology, and profit is valued more than the environment. We sometimes look at each other as strangers instead of sisters and brothers and pass judgment without knowing one another. Ronald Reagan commented, in a couple of his speeches, about how Humanity would come together if a threat came from outer space and how aliens were already among us. If you Google it you’ll see.

We exist on this fragile blue planet with the moon hive high in the sky keeping watch. De-engineered technology and World Wars go hand and hand. Humans have “advanced” and will continue to “advance” faster and faster, blindly flying at full speed at whatever comes ahead as we ride the wave of those who figured it out for us. This is the perfect time to find ourselves or to become a stranger to ourselves. If the Human ego can be diluted, the light will shine awakening our third eye.  Self realization is realizing that all living things are connected.