Jessica Volpe

I’ve had an overactive imagination all my life. My surreal, hallucinatory dreams and the stories in my head have made their way onto my canvases. My private life and studio practice are inherently intertwined. The candy-coated female figures in my work are given free reign to convey their sexuality as they redefine society’s accepted norms. I work in a wide range of media and each painting is meticulously planned to combine slapstick with intelligence. I often use color and nature to obscure the realities within my paintings.


Henry Arthur

Submerged to his forehead in water, a pessimist sees sinking. But an optimist sees the moment before coming to the surface, spit from the sea like a cork. Which view will persist and decide is determined by what lies beneath the surface. This narrative sides firmly with optimism, candy-coated to the point of near-complete dismantlement of all possible threat. Lions and sharks look on, but the ability to look up is the essence of the optimist. And of Tian Tian.