Soy AKA James

There has always been a strong internal drive or compulsion to create images. My art practice is borne from a steady diet of cartoons, comics, music and other lowbrow sentiments. Frail and melancholy figures/forms as contemporary iconography distilled through a pop-cultural lens. Ink, aerosol, and acrylic paint are used to create abstract, ephemeral spaces where figures float ungrounded. Other worlds, dimensions, and places where form, line, colour, pattern and melancholy collide. Robots are used primarily as a symbol of mankind’s’ folly and fears, manifested in mechanical form. Technology represented as haphazard nostalgic relics, romanticized outdated visions of a bygone era.


Big Take Over

This piece is astro boy-meets-skate-punk. It is jeans and t-shirt wrapped in a counter cultural sensibilities. The image on the shirt pays homage to the 1982 record cover by Bad Brains, evoking the harder than hard riffs and messages born out of American Hardcore movement especially through the lens of Rastafarian ideology. This piece is about fusion, a visual mash up of influences, a voice from West Indian diaspora, of youth and the imagery associated with it. It is a face of the faceless; it is taking a blank (boy) canvas and expressing self, making a visual statement.