Elicser Elliott

Elliott explores narrative structures, new surfaces, and new sensations, through the lens of more than a decade spent in the global street art community.

Elicser Elliott leads the charge in the character-based movement in Toronto. Known for his intuitive ability to capture the essence of a subject, his work intimately frames subjects from children on the street to homages to the late great Michael Jackson and J-Dilla. The work of Elicser is highly visible in major cities across Canada, Central and South America to South Africa. Elicser is one of Toronto’s favourite graffiti writers and has been voted by NOW magazine as the “Best Local Graffiti Artist” for 2014, 2013, 2012 + 2011. He is recognized as Canada’s leading aerosol artist by Who’s Who in Black Canada. He has exhibited in both the ROM and AGO and participated in mural festivals in Rochester, NY (Wall Therapy) and Windsor, ON (Free 4 All Walls).



Weezy F Baby

The traditional spirit of folk creative work in Hong Kong is rooted in bold experimentations, open and limitless interactions, collaborations and dialogues…And owing to this rebellious vitality, folk art gradually crystallizes into the unique vernacular wisdom. ELICSER crystallizes this Eastern spirit of folk art as Western hip hop icon WEEZY F. BABY.

Weezy Vernacular Wisdom

F is for fly. F is for fresh. F is for flow. F is for fame, fortune and fashion. F is not for failing. F is for finish line. F is for phenomenal. F is for forget it, figure it out yourself. F is for inFINITE possibilities – ELICSER x WEEZY x TIAN TIAN