Chris Dyer

Dyer is a Peruvian artist living in Montreal, Canada who is better known for his Visionary art on broken Skateboards. Chris is responsible for a big part of the art done for Creation Skateboards and Satori Movement Wheels from San Francisco, California, yet his happy images can be found on skateboards all over the world. He hopes to pass on a positive message to the youth with this. Chris has traveled all over the world in search for his own answers and shows his art when possible. He’s had gallery exhibitions in places like Mexico, Belgium, Peru, France and all over the States and Canada.




He is a dragonic warrior yet innocent and playful with open-hearted vibes, and with an open bottom ready to take a dump whenever he’s in the mood. A galactic child that I held in my arms for 2 weeks, as practice for some future child of my own, thus the name I already have set up for my future son, awaiting on the other side of the physical plane.

– Chris Dyer, TTXS