Eclectic by nature, I get inspired by the imagination of popular culture, world criticism, mysticism, manners, colours my subconscious and the pursuit of my artistic development

I began my artistic studies under the influence of Mexican Artist Juan Manual “Pato” Guillén in 2007, and I had participated in many different social labour projects in collaboration with the Antique Toy Museum Mexico, MUJAM, and in different artistic projects with brands as a freelancer. I enjoy the most to travel and the cultural exchange of human beings.

I am a Mexican who considers himself citizen of the world, as an artist I draw inspiration from nature, low brow, americana, world folklore, custom culture, street art, surrealism and the occult.


 Gilbert, though he looks quite dead, he is not.Well, neither is he alive. He is dead alive. He represents our inner child, killed, buried and forgotten once adulthood comes knocking at our door along with the responsibilities that accompany it.
But worry not, because Gilbert remembers you.It doesn’t matter how hard you are “adulting” or how deep you bury him, Gilbert always finds a way out of oblivion to remind us we were him.
Do you remember when you were Gilbert? How you played, how you would dream, and how everything was magical, new and wonderful, before you had to grow up…Do you?