Arty & Chikle are a street art duo from Mexico City that loves illustration, street art, toys and cartoons. They have been working together since 2013, but before that they were both dedicated completely to street art, illustration and design and each of them had several collaborations with brands and galleries; after been invited to participate in a collective art show in Mexico City by the end of 2012,  they met for the very first time and decided to begin a brand new project fusing their styles and concepts. They consider themselves as part of the Furry Fandom (a subculture of people that love animal characters with human traits) that’s why their art is full of toony zoo anthropomorphic characters. Their work is full of cute, chaotic and surreal situations where love, death, drugs and sex are their main themes. They have painted all over Mexico, Costa Rica and Brazil, and have had several gallery exhibitions in Mexico and Costa Rica; they have participated in a few Art Festivals and look forward to many more. 




Tora Boy is a cute, innocent yet playful tiger who likes to travel and make new friends whenever he has the chance to. We are very happy and satisfied with him and we are sure he will have lots of fun abroad and meet lots of new friends!