Andrew “Rcade” Kidder

Rcade is an artist from Toronto that has been working mainly as a sign painter doing various shops and storefronts. He has a history of illustration and graffiti but has always been interested in hand lettering from a young age and finally started to practice with oil enamel, sign and pin striping brushes around 2008. Rcade is recognized as an artist and sign painter and you can see his clean yet fanciful homage to old school lettering all over Toronto.



Sad Clown

When I was young my father painted a picture of a sad clown, today this picture hangs on my wall. When I first saw the Blank Boy sculpture, I imagined him as a sad clown that sees a brighter day ahead. I used enamel oil with high gloss to highlight a bright and optimistic future, despite the clowns expression, giving the overall feeling of playfulness.